August 21, my girlfriends and I had our night out (by the way, they are Cel, Carla, Khate and Anne, my high school close friends). It was Cel and Khate’s post birthday celeb so we decided to go somewhere we can eat and celebrate, see a movie and drink coffee after to catch up. SM Sta. Rosa was a fair place for that event.

As we enter Pizza Hut we saw familiar faces. It was Lana and Jomar, high school classmates of ours. It was weird to see them out dining alone though I heard some news back then that they really got close during college since they both studied in Manila. They said they are just friends and they have their own love lives – okay! As I said, it’s just weird.

Truthfully, Jomar was my first love. Nobody in my girlfriends knew about that, only two of my friends back in high school but I have not been with them for a long time now.

He has changed. He got fat, haha! He was cuter back in high school. I remember his sweet eyes and warm smile. Our comfortable conversations about how we hated the world and love music. We exchanged cassette tapes and CDs of Eraserheads albums, Rivermaya, PNE, Survivor, Cruisin love song selections, Scorpions and a lot more. I still have Phil Collins’ best hits album that he gave me, though it doesn’t play anymore. I remember, I lend him some song hits with chords of Eheads songs and the 1001 Book, we also shared some tips in playing guitar. I still have the drawing he gave me of Ghostfighter character, Dennis, the one with the rose. He was very good on it and I loved it. It was with him that I started to appreciate and understand every song’s lyrics from the song “Halaga”. I remember how he brighten up my day everyday in our high school years that I wonder how I managed to hide it from him and from our classmates. I’ll never forget the day he held my hand one afternoon before school departure. I still have the card he gave me before we graduate. Lastly, I still remember how I felt when he told me that he was falling for our classmate Chat, a beautiful musician.

He sat beside me. Since we never had the chance to communicate after our graduation day, we were able to talk about it that night. We shared some laugh and brief stories. I learned about his career and failed relationship as I told him mine. We talked about how he thought he was about to be married, then how he struggled to overcome a bad break up and what the pain had made him.

It’s good to know that I don’t feel the same, I mean I don’t get hurt anymore unlike before. Duh! It’s been like.. uhm.. 8… 9 years, I even don’t remember the sound of his voice! We don’t know what happened to us, we never dared to talk it out. My sister said I’ve been fooled. Well, I guess we all have our fair share of being foolish when in comes to love. I’m glad that everything was just so cool and it’s good to be hearing from him after all these years! I just wonder if he had anything to do with my love life that just quite made a little pattern that started from what happened in us. ;) Well, I just wish him – well!

I still remember a lot of things we’ve shared. I guess, that’s just the way I love, that’s the way I am. I don’t know if he still remember some of the things I’ve mentioned but if ever we’d be able to talk about this... I know we’ll be laughing so damn hard!

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6 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    kikiligin ba ko o malulungkot? hehe..mixed emotions? haha!

    siguro naman naaalala nya pa din mga pinagdaanan nyo noh..

  2. gesmunds Says:

    hehe.. wala naman akong nararamdamang lungkot.. ok naman kasi ung nangyare sa kin.. hindi naman ganun kalalim un samin..saka super tagal na ren kaya wala narin biternes.. :)

  3. Badong Says:

    naalala ko tuloy yung first love ko (kinilig ang loko?) haha. ka-chat ko pa naman siya sa fb kanina. haay. totoo kayang first love never dies?

  4. gesmunds Says:

    @ Badong - i think its not... hehe... but it depends kung ganu kalalim... ;)

  5. ACRYLIQUE Says:

    Tama. It's all memories na lang. no feelings. :) Choz!

  6. Kikit Says:

    Natuwa ako sa post na ito. High school memories. High school life. I rarely meet my high school friends and I wonder what happened to their lives now. :)