hi there! happy birthday to me!!!!
so to start the day… @ 12 am im in alabang,got drunk with Millimeter friends… in the morning… 8:30am.. i feel terrible… i head is bad. but i feel better when i saw a box of chocolates in my office table, toni gave me..yum yum! mam lina, my boss, told me that my day is free.. i can do other things in office other than work… whoa! how cool is that?

but since i dont have a fone right now, my supposed-to-be-special-day become so quiet.. as i said yesterday, im not feeling so good nowadays… well maybe thats how its gonna be… being far from your family is really hurting…especially when you wake up in the morning and there is no one to greet you of that special day…

it made me feel better when i opened my friendster account and found my brother leave a comment on my friendster… a great feeling indeed…

in the night,, i asked toni to accompany me in the nearest chapel,, i prayed so hard that it is open.. lucky me! its not only open, there is also an on going Mass! we attended the Mass and talking to God is really a wonderful feeling… it completed my day! we stayed at Diaz (a bakery) eat something and talked about a lot of important issues in our lives.. cool indeed! thanks Toni, i really appreciate it! love you sis! mwah! ^_^

i went home and had a brief chat with sis. Anne, a great firend.. updates.. also a quick conversation with kuya abe (ex-officemate)… which leaves me a good message for my birthday… it goes like this…

abe: buti masaya na sya
madj: yea… thats true…
abe: ikaw…are you happy?
madj: huh?
abe: haha
madj: what a question?
abe: bkt? masama bng maging masaya?
madj: well, yan ang question na mahirap sagutin ng oo para sakin
madj: gusto ko maging masaya, but i cant,…
abe: alam mo madj…happiness is a state of mind…it is your choice/decision if you like to be happy or not…right?
madj: yeah…
madj: what if there is no reason to be happy?
abe: hehe well….in time…you can finally say you’re happy…if you have finally decided to be happy…
abe: you can make it happen….kaw pa
madj: thanks kuya abe.. it means something to me…
(sana lang mabasa mo to! *_*)

thats all for tonight… i need to face something important tomorrow.. well good luck for me.. my moment of truth… pray for me… thanks.. it means a lot!

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Hi there!

Today is Carlo’s birthday and the day started in the office full of energy and spirit. Loud music, laughter everywhere,… everybody - happy.

I was troubled when I realized that I didn’t feel good after that good laugh.. I noticed that I automatically get back to my poignant mood. Why cant I be happy everytime? I know how good it feels to be happy.. to laugh hard… to smile.. but now, I just cant even if I want to.

So what I did… I keep myself busy all day. I give myself a favor that as much as possible I will avoid thinking (yes, that’s my new pastime, to think a lot about everything til I finally see myself staring to nowhere). I was the dj for the day and I played my rb’s and mellow songs in the afternoon. That was good coz I’m getting busy planning what song to play next… sounds to soothe the mood of everyone in the room.

Well, I actually don’t know what I’m feeling right now. I know that tomorrow will be a special day for me but it doesn’t seem to be. I don’t know but I feel a bit anxious.

Now in my headset, with loud hard sounds… waiting for the time to pass till its 6 o’clock. Then we’ll go party to celebrate the birthdays!! Astig! Once again…sige lang… agos lang… one thing is for sure.. it will all end.. I know I’ll be happy again… things will never be this hard for me… for the mean time… wear a smile… drink beer and party!

(here are some photos of our clubbing that night at Antakya)

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hello there… musta, anu balita?? hehe…

im spending my days just in a calm state.. haha, hindi ako warfreak ngayon haha! well, masaya naman patambay tambay kun san san… its cool, though.. e, aun lang ang kaya e… footlong footlong… squid balls, prends prays… and my new craving… PENOY na may Sabaw!! woohoo!! dbest!!

im spending my weekends in our home…watching Onetreehill… aun addict na talaga… sobrang kareer.. walang patawad,, umaangal na nga ung dad ko e! but its ok lang, e dahil sa love niya ko, pinagbibigyan na lang niya ko… ahihi! aun, paganun ganun, nood ng dvds… nood ng fpj films para makibonding sa mga kamag-anakan (i could say na fpj films are really good!)… then kinig ng Urbandub,, Hopiamanipopcorn songs, soundtrips, tambay with my millimeter friends.. tumawa ng tumawa, magjamming.. the rest of the week,, sumasaya na rin… kahit walang celfone… haha, im back to the primitive time.. ang simple lang.. pero namimiss ko rin ang makatanggap ng mga quotes kung kani-kanino, yeah! saka nga pala ansaya kasi aus na ung friendster account ko.. simple nalang ren.. saka marami narin akong bagong mga nadidiscover sa net.. which is good..

well.. my birthday is fast approaching and now im busy thinking how i want to spend it.. tomorrow will be carlo’s birthday already and he’s planning to have a night-out celebration somewhere in alabang… hmmm… i must admit… im more than excited for his celeb than mine! how is that?! haha! i guess i want to have a simple celeb with officemates (who else, maiba naman, haha!)… basta.. enjoy lang ako ngayon… tawa lang.. agos lang… ngiti lang… everythings gonna be alright kahit nasa gitna ng people-always-leave-lonesome-syndrome ko.. whatever that means… ;) Myart_illust8

sige, unitl then! *_*

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