Learn to let go the things you’re afraid to loose.
>> sad but i really have to…

last Saturday,, we went to "chanted" with my dad and his girlfriend, my brother and my sister’s family. Wow!! The very moment that I saw the enchanting castle-like entrance of that place,, my jaw dropped,, like a little girl! There I told myself.. "madj,, your a child again!!"
that time, I let myself to be a child again… I got excited with the exquisite sceneries that seem so new to me.. extra ordinary place that could only be seen in encyclopedias and national geographic… I took pictures with the tranquil jungle, colorful playground, out-of-this-world thingies, and elegant parks!! Most of all, I got adventurous again, with my sister and her husband. We patiently wait in endless lines till we’re able to get in the "worth it" rides! Log grande.. rialto.. flying fiesta.. and of course.. space shuttle!! We audaciously rode there not only once.. but twice! Whew! Im proud of my father! He made it to the shuttle and its really something to be proud of,, I mean, at his age.. "astig!" no wonder my sister and I are like him! ;> With my nieces with me, as we took shots at the carousel with the horses, and then with the swans at the lake, then at the gigantic dino-eggs that went up & down that made me a bit dizzy (that’s ok, the kids enjoyed it though!) the day was truly wonderful!
Being in that funfair made me really relaxed and that gave me a chance to reminisce of my distant past with our beloved mother still with us, watching us while we’re enjoying ourselves. Hmmm… that made me smile.. its yesterday once more!
The adventure revived me! Whew! That was really indescribable! I remembered every ride I took, it made me forget almost everything… my deadlines, the rush hours, my budget, my hectic schedules, my laundry, my pendings, my body aches, my savings, my doubts, fears, freak outs, the pain in my heart, my shattered life, confusions, the future…. Everything left in me was the positive force… as I felt the wind blowing through my skin, I was refreshed.. and as the cars stopped ,I felt every positive motivating force in me!
That was great! Now,, few days had passed.. I could still feel the force! Then I realized, that its not the enchanting kingdom with space cars that renewed me…not even the magic that seem to be there.. but it’s the presence of my family that helped me pick myself up in times of distress! Im indeed very thankful for having my family with me! Though were apart, I know that they’re always with me to support me in everyway I take. Then im not alone anymore! As I wake up each morning,, Hallelujah it’s a new day!