Imagine, todo! I attended three major concerts last year! Last August, together with Loricel, my highschool friend, we watched Alicia Keys Live at SMX Convention MOA. Singing my favorite hits, gosh! I almost cried! Especially, If I Ain’t Got You and No One! Oh my! Cel treated me snacks as her birthday blow out, then we had coffee after! Truly, the concert is unforgettable!

In the same month (8.30.08), I and my siblings watched Eraserheads The Reunion at Global City Taguig! All the childhood memories relived! “Kapanahunan namin to!” No words can explain how overwhelmed we were. I cried during the opening countdown and they played Alapaap! Everybody’s singing and shouting! I still love them,, walang makakatalo.pramis! nakaka-high, astig!!! Even if they weren’t able to finished the show (because Ely had heart attack), still, the concert was remarkable! Im proud, I was part of it! It’s a history!

Come November, together with my officemates and my brother, we watched Rihanna and Chris Brown Concert! I’m not really a fan with anyone of them,, but then, I can say that their performance were superb! We sang and danced to their music! We had a great party night! Woohoo!

What will be the next kaya? Well, hope marami pa sumunod! It’s a great feeling how we lose control in the concert area. Ka-high talaga! Hmmm… I’ll look forward for more this year! Weee!!!!