Do I need to take it personally??
A crazy woman just unthinkingly and inconsiderately spit on me...
On shoulder part,, near my face...
its disgusting.

She was talking to herself and suddenly she faced me and spit on me, as if I was the one who she was talking to.

I know nagkakalat ako nowadays... My life is a mess, sige na.. talo na ko. pero do i really deserved to be spit on??!

People looked at me, confused if they would laugh or be sorry for me.

Sweet day huh?! I just hope she doesn't have any viral disease. :(

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"I spent today outside a funfair, since I can’t afford to fritter my money away, I thought it best to watch other people. I stood for a long time by a roller coaster, and I noticed that most people get on it in search of excitement, but that once it starts, they are terrified and want the cars to stop.
What do they expect? Having chosen adventure, shouldn’t they be prepared to go the whole way? Or do they think that the intelligent thing to do would be to avoid the ups and downs and spend all their time on a carousel, going around and around and then stop?
At the moment, im far too lonely to think about love, but I have to believe that it will happen, that I will find a job and that I am here because I chose this fate. The roller coaster is my life, life is a fast, dizzying game; life is a parachute jump; its taking chances, falling over and getting up and to feel angry and dissatisfied when you don’t manage it.
It isn’t easy being far from my family and from whom the language in which I can express all my feelings and emotions, but, from now on, whenever I feel depressed, I will remember that funfair. If I had fallen asleep and suddenly woken up in a roller coaster, what would I feel?
Well, I would feel trapped and sick, terrified of every bend, wanting to get off. However, if I believe that the track is my destiny and that God is in charge of the machine, then the nightmare becomes something thrilling. It becomes exactly what it is, a roller coaster, a safe, reliable toy, which will eventually stop, but, while the journey lasts, I must look at the surrounding landscape and whoop with excitement." - MAria , Eleven Minutes

>> I'm still alive,, yes I am! Bigger and Better, Bolder and Wiser me,, ready to kick some ass! haha! matagal-tagal rin ang hinintay ko..
Well,, finally... I'M BACK!

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