Guess none. I’m not with myself nowadays. I could feel an indescribable peace and hell at the moment. I am inspired to do a lot of things but everything is only in my mind. Nothing has been materialized. I have a lot reasons to feel sorry for myself but I know I have a choice – to make or ruin my everyday. And I chose to make it. I set my mind to stand up in every situation that I can probably fall. I set my mind that I can overcome every negative thoughts im encountering by smiling back at them. I’m ok. Not that happy. Not that sad. I’m in control. All I know is that – I’m not growing. Its like I’m trapped in the middle of wherever. Its kinda hard for me to find meanings in what I do. Its hard to think where I am going. I could say that I am tired of dealing with changes, tired of observing whats going on around me,, tired of dreaming,, maybe. Hehe! A fact that a lot of friends who knows me well would say that its really not me. Or maybe I am – still me. Maybe its my other side. My deep hollow side. Nah! Not that bad,, just not well. Probably bad, yes. I guess I need to be like this, hopefully not for a long time. Nothing new. Nothing sweet. Nothing dark. Only awkward. But I believe its okay.

Learned something?? Unfortunately I have nothing to give today, maybe next time. Everyday is a winding road.

“I am a wave.. flowing and flowing.. the wind keeps on pushing and pulling.. and it doesn’t matter.. I just follow. I face the sky,, the pleasant clouds, the bright sun, the lovely calmness of moon and stars at night… waiting.. flowing… freely.. till I can fin’lly touch the shore..”