I got mad and I laughed at the same time while I was watchin the SWAT Team do their struggled strategies in the Grand Stand. I am quite disappointed to what had transpired.. Mr. Mendoza still died. The whole world was watchin, might be laughing as well.

On the other side,, Ms. Venus made our today though. She somehow uplifted the spirit of the Filipinos all over the world.

Such a roller coaster ride feeling. I'm glad to read this wall post that says exactly how I feel:
"I'm still proud to be a Filipino... I will still enjoy adobo and will still be resilient in the midst of adversaries... With shame and fame, I can still wear a proud Filipino smile! :)"
- apir Melvin A.!

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3 Responses
  1. kikilabotz Says:

    ako din proud p rin na isang filipino

  2. karen anne Says:

    me too and forever be! :)

  3. fiel-kun Says:

    We should all be proud of Venus's major major achievements ^_^

    Tama na ang sisihan sa nangyaring fiasco last monday. Heads up and say yes to positivity!