Living in this world full of expectations is never easy.
Its a tragic battle within yourself in living the right way or th
e other.
Most of us were taught as we grew up to be good persons - I for one.
I was raised to be responsible in every aspects of life.

But I also believe that learning from experience is truly has a lot to offer. Circumstances are bringing you to such experience and it requires good decisions. But what if you're in a middle of doing the good and bad? And it is when you hear the world is telling you to take the risk of jumping into a cliff that you know that will bring you to danger.
Most people will say, "How would you know if you won't try it?"
And when you did, comforting voices fill in your ears saying, "Its okay, its normal, you did the right thing." yet deep inside of you its really not.
Suddenly you're drowning in confusions and disturbance.

Its hard.
Like for instance, when you realize that what you needed and wanted in this world is to love and be loved. But what you did was a terrible thing and you messed up,, pushing what you really wanted and needed far far away. And on that moment, you realize that what you thought right was in fact a big fat mistake.

"You'll never know the right way til you're lost" - Unknown

What a crap!

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9 Responses
  1. Anna Says:

    it's hard most of the times dealing with decisions. but as long as wala tayong regrets, we are fine. we need a lot of growing-up kaya dapat bumira sa experiences. =)

  2. karen anne Says:

    yes, you are right. i share the same sentiments. btw, i like the picture in your post. so cute :P

  3. fiel-kun Says:

    Sobrang hirap talagang mag-decide minsan sa buhay. Pero, lagi mo lang sundin kung ano ang tinitibok ng puso and I'm sure, you won't get lost.

    Have a nice day!

  4. Jag Says:

    Life is what you make it...God bless!

  5. gesmunds Says:

    @ Anna, aun na nga,, may regret eh.. deym!

    @ Karen, thanks! ung pic,, nakuha ko lang kung san.. ang kulit ng mukha nung bata no?! hehehe!

  6. gesmunds Says:

    @ fiel, in that case,, i failed :(
    lesson learned though. thanks!

    @ jag, right. thanks!

  7. stevevhan Says:

    Mahirap ang decisions yet dapat siguro sundin nga natin ang ating puso at siguro in my case, mas isip ang ginagamit ko. Wag ding matakot magkamali kasi dun tayo mas natututo then we wont commit that stupid crappy decision again!:)

    Note: I like the photo!ahahahaha.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    all i can say is (might sound cliche) listen to your heart and your mind, and not anyone else's heart and mind. they're not the one going through it, you are. at the end of the day, you'll only have yourself to reward or to blame. it's that simple.

    yes it is hard, but you'll be the one learning from it :)

    be strong and stay positive. tara inom tayo! haha!

  9. Everyone, as in each and everyone, wants to be loved, even those who say they don't want to.