I would like to share to you about a friend.. My room mate.Though we have a lot of differences,, our perceptions and opinions still meet in some point of life.
Last night,, while we're having our one-on-one drinking session..
We talked about our journals and whats written on it. She only started writing on it for only about 2 weeks,, she told me she got it from me.
She showed me her scribblings of whatever is on her mind day by day. I can tell she's good. I told her to start blogging but she said its really not her thing.
I was surprise to read her own "guidelines" or let me say "Guidelines for Survival"?? haha! I
have my own version but its in my other journal. Let me just share hers:

* Focus on what you have.
* Don't compare yourself to others.
* Its just money,, you cant bring it to your grave.
* You have your family and loved ones.
* You'll have your own turn.
* 2012 Vision - Live like you're dying! (i told her about it, hehe!)
* God is the one who scheduling things. Just be patient.

* Be positive.

She told me that everytime that she's confused about something, she's reading her guidelines over and over. I wanna read this whenever i will feel dissatisfied. What I like the most is the 5th, "you'll have your own turn!" - yeah, i believe that!

I admit,, im really learning from her even though i have a lot of complains about her (household chores, love problems, etc.).
Despite the differences,, I'm really glad i have her as my room mate and ka-nomo!
Last night was one of our best conversations - Winner!

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7 Responses
  1. Deth Says:

    yeah, "YOU'LL HAVE YOUR OWN TURN!" likey...

    btw, tseksi...weeeweeet:P

  2. Jag Says:

    true, we all have our own time...

  3. gesmunds Says:

    @ deth,, hehehe... daya lang un!

    @ Jag, thanks thanks!

  4. fiel-kun Says:

    * God is the one who scheduling things. Just be patient.
    * Be positive.

    I totally believe in those ^_^

  5. kikilabotz Says:

    ang seksi nmn. hehe.. ^_^ inuman n b?

  6. -=K=- Says:

    Yes, that is sooo true. We all have our own turns. It may not be now, but we will have our turn, we just need to wait. :) Good morning!

  7. gesmunds Says:

    @ fiel,, yeah,, pero tingin ko kelangan ko nga siyang basahin paulit-ulit para tumanim sa isip ko :) tnx!

    @ kikilabotz,, naku di totoo yang picture! tara, nomo na! :))

    @ -=K=-,, thanks! i really need patience to wait... haayyy...