"Men have forgotten this truth," said the fox. "But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose . . ." - The Little Prince

Why do i have to confine myself to isolation?
Why do I let myself be numb?
Why can't I be open as I was before?
Why do I continue to be cold as ice?

Maybe it's the most convenient way for me to live freely.
I keep my headphones up all day to not welcome any embrace
Do I aim for solitude? Do I long for silence?
Don't I have enough?

Coz I've been through pain. And I promised myself I'll never get to experience it again.
I've realized that i have nobody to take care of myself but me.
But I seem to encounter the same hurt over and over.
Am I not really learning anything at all?

Everytime I get to open up myself with someone, I always get burned.
I always say I'm gonna give myself a chance
But I can't help but build a wall, to refrain myself from being tamed.
Then I would blame 'me' for being in a movie theater alone.

I admit I long for love. But how can I if I don't know it at all?
Or let's say I've forgotten how to.
Half of my heart is not letting go and continuously giving myself a chance - to believe.
I'm trying my best despite the fear.

No more loud music from now on - for me to listen more clearly.
I'll see things more closely as much as I can.
I'll refrain from talking so that others could express themselves freely.
Then I'll let the other half of my heart to realize that I could be loved.

Currently Playing:
Flinch by Alanis Morissette
Half of my heart by John Mayer

4 Responses
  1. Goryo Says:

    RAmdam ko ang emosyon.. sa bawat kataga... sa bawat letra...


  2. gesmunds Says:

    hehehe, salamat Goryo!
    nagulat nga rin ako sa sarili ko na nailabas ko lahat yan..

    i can tell,, im okay now. kelangan lang talaga ng outlet. thanks. :)

  3. Goryo Says:

    Outlet... tama ka. kelangan natin yan. sa bahay nga kulang kami sa outlet ehkaya nagpabili ang lola ko ng extension... ahihi

    labo noh?

  4. gesmunds Says:

    hmmm... medyo konek na rin.. mga 5%! lol!
    stay cool lolo! tc!