need to:
complete my things-to-bring list

shop shop shop!
diet - nah! oh pls!
songs songs songs and a lot - in my mp3!

pack and pack

want to:
jog with sunrise at the shore
spend time with sunblock and get wild!

alcohol and noise here I come
zorb or zip? - ha!

dig my toes into the sand

Mismo! uh-oh!
shades, starfish and snorkeling

get wet with the sun

buffet buffet buffet - whoa!
reflect with the glorious scene

Currently Playing: Sunburn by Sandwich
2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    ooooh!! how exciting! i love the beach! pwede sumama? haha! lets gow sagowww!!

  2. gesmunds Says:

    yeah.. apir tayo mga beach lover! musta pagbbeach nio dyan sa inyo??

    kelan ka ba bibisita dito sa Pinas??
    meet meet tau then malay mo,, makapag beach bonding tayo! tara! ;)