As I scribbled beautifully in the sand,, even if I don’t want to… I can’t do anything to stop it. The waves washed them out.

But I do love the waves.

After a careful thinking that maybe the waves don’t want me to write, still I don’t know what’s in its mind. And I remembered how happy I was whenever I look at such beauty I created in the sand, so I started scribbling again.

It’s beautiful.

A beauty of simplicity made by nature and my love… it definitely looks perfect to me.

And I am happy.

I never imagined that I can be as creative.. It made me feel so beautiful and powerful that I never thought I can be. It feels like I wanna do it forever.

My waves came back.

The happiness I felt somehow made me blind that I never noticed the return of the waves. My beautiful creation gradually fades… it seems like I’ve lost everything that I dreamed of.

I tried again.
I know there’s no point but I still continued. Until the sand is as soft as silk that my scribbles are now can’t be recognized. So I stopped.

Did you betray me?
Confused as I am, I asked the waves, “Why do you have to crash at this part right where my creativity blooms- which I love? Don’t you know how happy I am?” I was still babbling when the waves crashed again covering my feet with sand, he said, “this is where the wind is leading me, here is where I am supposed to crash”


Maybe the sand was happy too with the beauty I made with it. But it was washed away so easily by the waves. There’s no same beauty and power that I felt. Maybe I can’t be beautiful and powerful at all.

It has stolen me.

Maybe it’s the sanest thing or just the sweetest kind of dream… somewhere between the dark sky and the waves… I was lost.

“It’s not that I’ve forgotten. I haven’t. it’s a memory of an emotional episode, but it’s no longer emotional itself.” – Matthew Walker (from Ardhee’s stat, June 2009)
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