June 5, Friday - the news came to me that our high school teacher - Ms. Fely Baterina, passed away. she died after being confined in the ICU for almost 2 years. saturday night I went to the wake with my HS friends. its just so funny that almost everyone in there were Ms. Fely’s former students.. funny coz they have the same statements in remembering her… “grabe, malupit siya manabunot sa patilya!” e lahat yata naranasan un e! I cant deny,, she’s one of the reasons why i had a not so good highschool memories. the fear, humiliation, strictness, favoritism (definitely not me! i learned then the meaning of the word “unfair”),, made me wish the high school is over. and it was so over, thank God!

Ms. Fely and I weren’t really close like in “Tuesdays with Morrie” scene. but i believe somehow i owe her a part of who i am as i grew up. it was through her that i learned to comprehend well the language of English. it was through her that i appreciated to read books (coz we need it for our book reports). it was through her that i conquered my fear in public speaking (takot ko nalang talaga!). and above all, i want to thank her for talking to my mom during the times when she was battling with cancer. she hugger her, cry with her, gave her advice, and maybe somehow told her “she understands”, and “keep the faith”. i maybe too young back then but i know my mom appreciated it so much. hope they remember one another when they meet in heaven and somehow give each other a smile.

I dont know Ms. Fely that much,, not much as i heard in the gossips there and there - i just know she’d been a teacher to many successful individuals in Cabuyao and the nearby towns. surprisingly, me and my HS friends doesnt feel the bitterness in the memories in her hands anymore. we are now smiling and laughing as we remember each youthful memories.
Thank you Ms. Fely Baterina, we’ll never forget you and forever be grateful for your part in our being. Happy journey!

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