Tada! My silver year is about to be over! My 25 years of existence in this world had been such a roller coaster ride. Twists and turns, ups and downs… whew! Though I’m trying so hard to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscapes, I can’t help but feel the fear… it feels like my heart, intestines and other insides will come out of my mouth. Nevertheless,, I managed to hold on.
I cant believe it! Its been 25 years of my brilliant existence… a quarter of a century. To sum it all, I am nothing but grateful.

1.Mom!Wherever you are right now, I’m thankful for you. Thanks for bringing me up, for letting me experience a beautiful childhood. For every simple trials that you helped me how to deal with. I want you to know that I still feel your love and guidance every now and then. I love you!

2.Dad! Thanks for giving me a good life. Thank you for not giving me up especially in times of distress. Thanks for standing up for us as a mom and dad for us! I love you!

3.Ate! Thanks for your influence in music and fashion that I learned to appreciate as I grow up. Thanks for sharing your point of views, thanks for being my very best friend!

4.JR! Thanks also for the music we shared. Thanks for being you! I’m enabling to know more about myself as I get to know you more. Thanks for reminding me every now and then that I’m not alone as I go through this life. I love you.

5.Night Till Morning Club/LEO Club! Mga kababata ko sa Panorama Ville! Thanks for opening my eyes about the world! I guess that explains it all! Haha! Seriously, thanks for the acceptance. Thanks also for opening my mind about my social responsibilities that made me realize that I can do something to help. Wherever you are right now my friends, Mary Jhoy, Jonathan, Mark, Jay, Kuya Glenn, Emon, Dimple and all… I miss you all! I love you!

6.Singles for Christ! That’s for bringing me back to the heart of worship! Thanks for saving my lost soul. Thanks for the guidance that you gave me in my time of crisis as i grow up. Thanks not letting me go… unitl now. Thanks Sis. Ner, Sis. Joy, Sis. Anne, Bro. Kosep, Bro. JR, Con, Franz, Kuya Harold, Henry, Tio Greg and Tita Beth, and to all West 2 andWest 3 SFC Community. You’re the best! Bro. JR, thanks ha, until now you’re still there pulling me up. Sabi nga, kung gusto mo ng mga totoong kaibigan mag-SFC ka! Astig! I love you all!

7.Kanlungan Family! Thanks for the inspiration. Thanks for reminding me that I can achieve something or I can go anywhere because you guys are always there to support! Thanks for the burning spirit of friendship! I need not to say much,,, you already know what I mean! I love you all!

8.Sis. Anne! Thanks for the wisdom you’ve imparted on me, until now it’s still with me. Your words are engraved in my heart. You’ve done a good job in my transformation. Thank God, He let me know you. I’ll never forget you as long as I live. I love you.

9.Millimeter Clan! Thanks – I was able to gain confidence as I learned my value through you as I shared my knowledge with you. Thanks for all my co-employees who became my very good friends. To Toni, Carlo, May, Jason, Kuya Abe… to everyone… I love you all!

10.Cheska, Pia, Macky, and Gerard. MY pamangkins! I don’t have my own family yet but through their eyes and smiles made me believe that there’s a beautiful future waits for me as I wait for what God had planned for me. They let me realize a deeper sense of responsibility. To make myself a better me in order for them to be molded as one.

Thank God for this gift of Life. Thanks thanks! I won’t be able to feel this happiness if its not with Your Presence! Thanks for not giving me up. Thanks for saving me every now and then! Cheers!
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