"It's not that I'm anti-social, it's just that I don't like you BIG time!"

I heard this line as an entry to Top 10 Jealous/Envy Quotes from Chico and Delamar in the Morning Rush this morning.

What a perfect timing, this is exactly my stand to a person that I recently knew.
Just as I am aware, I don't envy her or jealous at her, hello??? I just knew her.
But there's something on her that I just simply don't like.
I badly wanted to post this to my FB, Twitter and YM Status,, but I can't coz my friends know about this girl, and I dont want to make a trending posts about her., Im not that bad.
I think thats one of the downside of having everybody know your whatabouts online.
Well, thank goodness I have my Blogger! whew!

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8 Responses
  1. Lord CM Says:

    Hehehe :D buti na lang may blog...ako pre di ako nag aadd ng kaopisina ko sa FB at mahirap na lolzz

  2. Axl G. Says:

    yun oh.. salamat sa blog hehe :D

  3. Jag Says:

    Haha same here my family and friends doesn't know anything about my blog hehehe...

  4. fiel-kun Says:

    Morning Rusher ka rin pala XD

    Naku, kahit inaantok-antok pa ko, laging kong pinapakinggan sina Chico and Delamar tuwing umaga sa RX 93.1 Favorite DJs ko sila aside from Fran and Gino :D

  5. Traveliztera Says:

    hahahhaa thank goodness may blog para ilabas yang nasa loob mo hehehe

  6. tcf Says:

    hahahahah. by default, this is how i feel about clients.

    have a great day! next time you see the girl, chew a gum and stick it to her hair.:p

  7. gesmunds Says:

    @LordCm, naku,, unfortunately lahat ng officemates ko ka-FB and twitt ko.. haayyss..

    @Axl,, yeah,, salamat talaga!

    @Jag,, dati parang nasabi ko sa family ko na meron akong blog,, good thing they're not really into net.

  8. gesmunds Says:

    @fiel,, good to know Morning Rusher ka din! Astig!! :))

    @Travelistera,, yes, indeed! :)

    @tcf,, hahaha! bitch kung bitch lang ah! i'll try it pag binadtrip niya ko! ;)