I believe that 2010 is a good year for me, I just realized.

As I read my past blogs and journals, I cant believe how lonely I was. Oh, I forgot! the reason why I created this blog is to make it an outlet of my emotions, where loneliness is most dominant. For some reasons like: missing my mom and my childhood, love that failed to blossom, damn bosses and admin (from my previous company), disappointments from officemates & friends and birthday blues.

I'm tired! I wanna break free - and I'm glad I did!

This freedom allows me to be more enthusiastic about life. It became clear to me that this year is my year to get back on my feet again and to start anew carrying the lessons I learned from my painful past. I can tell that I'm happier now... :) I started to work out again, jogging and biking - whew I love the sweat! I also started to put light make ups on my face which is really not my thing. Hihihi! I reorganized my things and find new perspectives in everything I do. I've been to a lot of beaches this year and I'm planning go some place more! I feel free,, truly, it feels good to be unstoppable!

How could I be so blind to see the improvements I was able to attain.
My family is more intact now, i have a new job and great bosses, and although I'm not lucky enough to win the heart of the man I've waited, I learned how to love and hopefully be able to try again.:)

I wont promise that I'll no longer blog about my crappy past lonely life... if the need arises, I definitely will. But for now I wanna enjoy my life and the surprises that are yet to come. It feels like its my first time to discover this freedom. I dont know,, I got no long term plans and I stopped thinking about my goals. Now I am more ready for the unknown! I'm cool and smiling and enthusiastic!

And now... Let the Adventures begin!

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