I’m trying to make a draft of my resignation letter. But I can’t type even a single word except, Dear Sir. Just last week, my friends happily informed me that they want me to join their team in their newly established advertising agency. My heart jumped in excitement as they explained to me how promising the company is. After a few days of thinking it through, I have finally decided and said ‘yes’ to their offer.

But right now,, my dilemma is whether to go or to stay. November 2004 since my current employer hired me to be their general accountant. I have learned a lot and gained a lot of friends. Working in an advertising industry is such a lot of fun. But I can tell that it’s very very frustrating for me. Frustrating because here is where I realized that I shouldn’t took Management Accounting as a college course. Maybe I should have taken Fine Arts major in Advertising, Creative Writing, Marketing and the like. Though I enjoyed my stay in this company and considered my officemates now as my own family, I can’t help longing to break free. I feel like a victim by our employer. As an accountant, I can see the flow of his financials and I realized that we, his employees are not included in his priorities. Unadjusted salaries, sometimes delayed, poor benefits, unremitted tax and other governmental benefits, and a bunch of – I can consider – rotten system practices of most Filipino employers who thinks that you’re lucky that he give you a job. Even the complimentary magazines that we used to receive every month from various publications, he blocked it. I know I should be thankful for having a job unlike a million other Filipinos struggling to have one. But I can’t help but wish to have a better employer. An employer who reminds you of your worth in their company and then if you’re lucky, you’ll receive incentives.
I have a lot of reasons to leave but same as to stay. I’ll miss the coziness in the office with my beloved officemates, who already know whenever I’m okay or not. The endless stories and laughter while we work, the cool sounds, the food trips during overtime, gimiks, fun photoshoots, the team effort that transformed us into responsible individuals, all of this and a lot more in almost 5 years, the reasons that dragging me to stay.
I’m contemplating in writing a letter… I don’t know how to start but I want it to be just simple and concise. As my Ate said, “formality lang naman yan eh!” And as to what I feel right now, I am grateful… for the years of tears and laughter, for everything that I experienced and learned, for the trials that made me hope, for not letting my hopes die and for facing a new phase in my life!

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“Sleepless nights when your memory consumed me But they all have been long gone… I’m so much more than what you cared to see. You drove me away Now I can move forward. Move forward… – Anthem by Urbandub

“Parked car this night sky, makes city lights shine like diamonds.. our song plays on the radio…” – First of Summer by Urbandub (theme song namin to habang nakatambay sa may kanto!)
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  1. HOMER Says:

    Go wherever your heart wants you to go.. :)

    By the way there's this thing called, "informer's reward" by the BIR. May cut ka pag naka pag inform ka ng tax evaders and taxpayers who slash their income to pay lesser taxes.. hehe! Why not consider, nakatulong ka na sa bayan may pera ka pa.. :D

  2. i humbly present ...


    Homer has a point though, go out with a bang albeit a muted one at kahit paano natulungan mo rin yung mga kakosa mong naiwan kahit man lang maibalik ang mga complimentary magazines nila.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    you can stil keep in touch with the people you've gotten to know at this job. you can get used to not having a cozy office. you can meet new exciting people. it's another phase in your life. an average person goes through 5 jobs before settling to their permanent one.. wala lang. share ko lang un. haha!

    :D goodluck sa magiging decision mo sis..

  4. gesmunds Says:

    to Homer ~ korek ka jan dude! as much as i want to do that, the informer thing, i dont think i can... concern pa ren ako sa mga maiiwanan kong kasamahan.. baka ipasarado ung company, mawawalan sila ng work...
    pero pag pinainit nila ang ulo ko... goodluck...

    to BK ~ hehehe... with a bang talaga ... :) well.. as i said to Homer,, wawa mga maiiwan kapag nagkataon.. kaya timpi lang muna ko... thanks girl!

    to chikletz ~ thanks chiklets! totoo yan.. haayyy.... alam mo nakapagpasa nako ng rl.. bahala na si lord... :)

  5. ACRYLIQUE Says:

    Find where your heart leads you. :)

  6. kung saan ka masaya supurtahan taka... =)

    sabi nga ng aking matipono, ooozing with sex appeal na lolo (sa kanya ako nagmana - ahihi)

    Lagi mong tatandaan...
    saan ka man magputa...
    sigurado akong...
    naroon ka

    ahihihi.. apir!!!

  7. Madame K Says:

    cguro you'll get used to it lang. cguro same feelings lang mararamdaman mo nung unang araw mo pa lang sa office na pinagtatarabahoan mo.