As I told you before, I was forced to live by myself near our office. I was contented to have myself a bedspace and gratefully gained new friends – my boardmates. After a year, two of them moved into a house that happened to be their staff house,, but they invited me and my other mate (Jhoy) to join them… and so we moved too. The house was good… just a little scary but its homey… it reminds me of my hideout in Panorama. But we stayed there for only more than a month after we held our Halloween party there (together with my officemates and Jhoy’s barkada – that was cool! –see my pics!) then the next day, our neighbors throw their complains on us. (KJ! it’s Halloween, c’mon!) So Jhoy and I was asked to move to other house.. (the complainants are powerful… isa lang masasabi ko,, mga pangit silang! Haha!) that was sad… but no regrets!

Come November,, we moved again to Jhoy’s friend’s available room. It’s a very cozy room – astig! It’s just that a lot of complications raised that made us to decide to leave that lovely place. After three weeks… babay again. Whew! Then finally, we found another room-for-rent in a nearby neighborhood.. where I am right now writing this. Hoping that this will be the last lipat-bahay we’ll ever have this year. I love being here now. It’s a studio type of room- quite small but we manage to make it cool and girly and comfortable – we used a lot of creativity to make it… hmmm… proud me! Hehe!

In just a very short period of time, four sets of keys occupied my keychain. It felt sad everytime I have to remove each set – it made me feel numb. I felt a feeling that I don’t belong to anywhere anymore. And it sucks! But it’s ok! Looking back… I feel so grateful that every lipat-bahay I had, my new friends (Jhoy’s barkada) are ready to help me carry my stuffs. Astig! Then I have my offcemates worried about me whenever I’m not with myself thinking about where am I supposed to find a new place to stay – and they keep me sane,, that’s the most important! J I’m glad though,, what more can I say… I have a new house!

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