I can still remember my last anime craze was Ghostfighter and Sailor Moon. Since I have nothing to do every night after office,, my officemate, Lee lend me some anime stuffs.. to kill time. First: Golden Boy- a very funny, semi-hentai, inspiring series.

And the latest.. Death Note! This series can drive you crazy… it’s a not-your-typical-type of anime,.. its about a boy named Light who wanted to rule the world by killing all the bad people by writing their names in the death note which came from a death god. Until an investigative team worked on to catch him. Its mysterious, tactical, provocative, mind-blowing. Gosh, I love L! i really recommend this if you want some rockin' on your world! yeahba!

hmmm… well, thanks Lee-bug! Your stuffs are really cool! Panext ako sa iba mong dvd ha?! Ehe…

Another addiction: Twilight! Its about an astonishing vampire who fell in love with an ordinary girl. I believe almost everyone knows about Twilight, I will not elaborate na. ehe! Whew! I love Edward! Sana ako nalang si Bella! (lande!) The film will be out soon na raw.. cant wait!

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