TUMATABA NAKO!!! Seriously – believe it or not! Its been such a long time since I saw myself so good like now! Hmmm.. siguro my early years in college. So imagine the time between! People will tell me “Madj, anong nangyari sayo?! Bakit nag payat mo?!!” (Ouch!) and other people who are being nice to me will say “Sumesexy ka ah?! Todo diet?!” (Naalala niyo pa ba un? Kung sino man kayo? Try to remember also my ngiting kambing! Wahaha!). Well I feel so good nowadays about my bod! I can really say that I’m an occasional smoker now. (Another believe it or not! haha!) masaya lang talaga ko! Pano,, need to buy new clothers now, ung kasya na sakin, ung hindi nako magmumukhang suman! Wahehehe! =)

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