Just recently, I was lucky enough to catch on one of my fave channel, a good movie that touched my heart not so long ago. It was a story of a group of friends that at first would leave a “corney” impression but later on would strike you stra ight to your heart. I don’t used to watch this kind of movies casted by a lot of young stars because definitely im not impressed by their acting tied with how they pronounce their words and delivering their dialogues, etc. But this time, although I have seen the movie once, but it seems to affect me like no any other movies have touched me. Simply because… I can relate to it. The way we (my friends) talked, how we shared something about ourselves, how we laughed at silly jokes each one throws, the way we plan our “gimmicks”.. haayyy… It immediately gave me a teary eye.. “Kuya” just have reminded me of my friends’ significant portion in mine especially in this time of my life.

“pana-panahon ng pagkakataon maibabalik ba ang kahapon…”

Personally, I have a lot of friends. That’s undeniably true! I have been involved to several organizations and wherever you plunk me, I can always have somebody to get along with. And unlike any other, I am blessed enough to meet a lot of “true friends”, who will stick with me no matter what! Those describes in songs.. ”keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always count on me, for sure… that’s what friends are for!!”. These friends of mine are those I met along the way towards adolescence…

“Minsan sa may kalayaan tayo, nagkatagpuan, may mga sari-sariling hilig at kanya-kanyang hangad sa buhay..”
But let me share this to you., Im very much grateful to belong to an extraordinary kind of friends I met during college. You may think that we’re just a typical barkada.. the type of group who can be with you during gimmick times, tripping moments and inuman sessions. but to tell you.. they’ve caught the very huge part of my heart! Coz I believe, it was with them that I had been molded to a better person that I am now! it is with them that I learned a lot of things a person needs to grow emotionally. It is with them that I had experienced freedom, freedom to be myself which allowed me to understand more about being me. It is with them that I was inspired to do things I thought I can’t.
Actually I really don’t know why I keep on telling these things. But how could I not?

“ ilalim ng iisang bubong mga sikreto’y ibinubulong, kahit na anung mangyari, kahit na saan ka man patungo…”

I was broken then and I was trying to find somewhere to belong to. I want to find myself, my significance. I don’t even know how to start. I guess that’s how I was lost, maybe that’s the effect of losing a mother in an early stage, but I wasn’t aware of that by that time. Then I met them.. in fact, I find them the kind of people I cant stand with. Simply because they seem so serious and studious,, and I am not! Along the way I found many group of friends who introduced me to some kind of freedom I thought I really longed for. I took a grasp of this so-called freedom and i had fun! I just found myself coming back for more of what they can offer. Challenging myself,, how far can I go?

“di ko inakala na magkakaganito, wala namang nagsabi na malabo ang mundo, di narin namin inaasahang maintindihan, alam naman nilang wala kaming pakialam kung san man tutungo at kung kailan kami hihinto,, kung bukas man o bukas pa, tuluyan nang tapusin ang kanta…”

Suddenly, I came to realize that as I get high on other things, my grades are falling down. I even tried to convince myself and other people that I was just a “typical” teen who’s still longing for adventures in life, that the fun is part of it. I tried to balance everything just to prove them that I can. Years passed. Although I might say that I’ve been involved to a lot of good groups that opened my mind to a lot of important things around me, in society in general. And I believe im in the right track. But I know deep inside me that there’s something missing in me as a student. . I failed to give importance to the things that really matters. Time came that I realized that I need to cut down my extracurricular activities to be able to balance my priorities. A lot of ups and downs happened to me. But its just so amazing that after all this time, my dear friends are with me! They are even willing to stop their own world just to pull me up,, as I may describe it.
Then, I recognized their support for me. There were times that they help me to catch up to all that I have missed. Teaching me lessons that Im not familiar with and helping me in group works, discussions and projects. I was amazed by the friendship that was formed I wasn’t conscious enough how much it grows over time. That’s when I realized their vital part in my life. Then I told myself,, I don’t wanna lose these people who accepted me, appreciated me and loved me in spite of all.

Now tell me,, how can I ever let go of these people who have saved me?! people who gave me direction and involve me to the path they are heading. People who helped me understand my own significance, as they allow me to intervene with their lives.

“…no one could ever know me, no one could ever see,, seems you’re the only one who knows what its like to be me.. someone to face the day with. make up through all the mess with. someone I’ll always laugh with. even at my worst, im best with you!”

Until now, I could say that it is with them that my heart feels the calmness it ached for after the distressing hours in the office. It is still with them to whom I can find my peace of mind. With them I can still be myself. With them I can rest, enjoy, release, share, support, breathe, and feel safe.
“..this is such a wonderful place to be… even if there is pain now, everything will be alright, for as long the worlds still turns there will be night and day, can you hear me.. there’s a rainbow always after the rain…”

Oh, how I miss my dear friends.. I know we are in this stage of our lives that we need to strive so hard in search of our own Personal Legends. But it really feels good whenever, once in awhile, we find time for one another, to share experiences and our emotions, our new discoveries whenever little by little we go beyond the boundaries, our new realizations that make us a little matured in particular circumstances. Still its indescribable how we find comfort from one another, somehow, somewhere, no matter how far we are from one another… whatever happens… we know we belong together… we will always be KANLUNGAN. “Pagkat kami ang nagsisilbing kanlungan ng bawat isa…”
“..sasamahan ka sa tamis,, sasamahan ka sa pait.. sasamahan ka sa dilim… sasamahan ka hanggang langit…”
“Sana’y hwag kalimutan ang ating mga pinagsamahan…at kung sakaling mapadaan baka ikaw ay aking tawagan dahil minsan tayo ay naging tunay na magkaibigan…”

3 feet long na to!! Ang saya-saya!!! ^_^
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