The gym thing – a sweaty way to escape reality!

Just last month the thought of physical work out hit me. I decided to inquire to a gym near our office and then after a week I enrolled. I invited my officemates to go with me and I’m glad they were all encouraged. But due to hectic schedules, only one committed to go with me – Cerwina! We’re gym buddies now- cool! Working out is truly no joke. My first day was hell… I cant even lie down to my bed… ache is everywhere in my body. The following days, I’m getting used to it.. and whenever I can feel the pain… in every sit ups… in every lift… I’m enduring it and I’m loving it. It makes me wanna kick some ass! Wapak!

Before I decided to work out.. I thought I just wanna be healthy… and I’m achieving it right now. And then I realized that I want a goal… hmmm… to achieve rich yummy abs! yes, that’s a goal. I want that… hehe.. well, wish me luck! Woohoo! =)

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