early this morning while i was at a bus,, i saw a young beautiful lady. very charming.
i cant help but look at her and admire her.
i really like her face, her features, her hair, her dusky complexion, and the way she leaned her back in her seat,, she's undeniably sexy.she looked back at me with a smile. damn, she might think im a bi or something!

the thing is,, i wanted to have her features, her face, her complexion, her hair. not that i dont love my own,, its just fine. but what i saw in her leave me lil envious, that if only - given the chance - i wanna have the same features as hers!

its weird to talk about these stuffs.. but i know nothing is wrong with me... hehehe..
something i can guarantee you... i'm a straight woman!
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