mystifying but then profoundly understandable. What a feeling. I am half empty
for I have to let go of my priceless possessions, living memories, the simplest
joys, silent refuge, my beautiful hideout. And the hardest part is that I cant do
anything about it. Half full – for something to look forward to, a prosperous
future awaits for me… the hope of a new and better memories to cherish.. of
adventure.. of love.. I heard a voice whispering in my ear telling me that
contentment is about to arrive only if I accept what I comprehend, and then
I’ll get full, which I know I haven’t yet. Hope it’ll be soon. Can’t bear the
pain anymore.

This past few days, I’ve been quite happy in
spite the difficulties. Truly I am. But there’s a fear in me that fate will turn
its back to me and leave me again as confused, lonely human being in the
planet. But tonight I’ve decided to
just set my mind – to be happy – happy as I can be as I cherish every minute of
that blissful state. To help add even an inch towards getting full.

can you say that enough is enough? If
you know for yourself that you want nothing less but more. Not empty, not
half.. but full. 120706
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